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  • Labrinth is a popular British performer. He was born on January 4 (according to the horoscope Capricorn) 1989 in Hankey (England). Real name - Timothy Lee McKenzie. His height is about 175 centimeters. Timothy was brought up in a very large family. The entire McKenzie family were talented musicians. He had eight brothers and sisters who were also creative. They all have Jamaican roots. So, all the heirs of the McKenzie family grew up under the wondrous chords of American and Gospel music. Even as a teenager, he, together with his brothers and sisters, forms a musical group called "Mac9". Timothy attended the Stoke Newdington School of England. During this period, he began to take his first steps in the music industry, trying to write songs and improve his vocal skills. Then he decides to continue his studies and enters the Academy of Don Bosco Pampanga. For four years he studied hard and later returned home. His older brother Mac is the producer who helped the young 15-year-old Timothy get on the road to musical fame.

    Labrinth began his career with the track "Dead End" in 2009. Many producers were interested in this work, and the first person to offer cooperation was Guy Muth from EMI Music Publishing. Then Timothy becomes part of the musical group, in which his sister Shezar also took part. The performer himself has more than once become the author of some works that many listeners liked. In February 2010, Timothy became a guest singer on the debut recording of Tony Tempe's song "Pass Out". This work was well received in musical circles, taking first place in the UK charts. The song has won awards for Best British Single and Best Contemporary Song at two music awards. After several months the two musicians meet again and release the second single "Frisky". This work has become no less popular than the previous one, which was able to take second place in Britain and Scotland, as well as third in Ireland.

  • Then Timothy continues to write songs for other talented performers. This was followed by a collaboration with Simon Cowell, thanks to which Timothy was able to release his debut single "Let the Sun Shine" in September 2010. So he showed his best side as a solo artist, taking 30th place in the British charts. In 2011 he begins work on his debut album, and in October of the same year his second single "Earthquake" is released. In April 2012 Timothy's long-awaited album "Electronic Earth" was released.

    In 2013 he is working on his second album, Take Me to the Truth. During this period, he was engaged in writing an album for Ed Sheeran and Tanya Tempa. This is followed by a number of collaborations with other artists that have been able to lift Labrinth's popularity. In 2016, Timothy worked with Mike Posner, and also produced and was featured on "Make Me (Cry)," Noah Cyrus's debut single, released on November 14, 2016. Labrinth has also collaborated with Sia and Diplo. In the summer of 2015, Timothy proposed to his girlfriend Moose at one of the festivals. He knelt on one knee right on the stage and offered her his heart. This event amazed many fans, making them touched by this romantic gesture. As Timothy promised, this festival was unforgettable.

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