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Arilena Ara

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  • Arilena Ara (better known under the stage name “Arilena”) was born in Shkodër, Albania on the 17th of July in 1998. The career of this talented singer started during the “Gjeniu i Vogël” contest. Its name translates in English as “Little Genius”. This was the contest for children. Since Arilena did great during the contest, the judges awarded her the 3rd place. It was a great result proving that she has chances to be successful if she chooses a career of musician later on.

    Arilena decided to repeat her success as a kid during the 2nd season of the Albanian X Factor show. In order to be included in the list of those taking part in it, she should come to Tirana, the capital of Albania, for audition. She chose to perform the song “We Are” by Ana Johnson. The judges liked her voice and the manner she performed the song very much. She was selected as a participant of the show. During it, she was mentored by a worldwide well-known singer Altuna Sejdiu. Her final performance for the show included the following songs: “No More Drama” (by Mary J Blidge), “Man Down” and “S&M” (by Rihanna). The last one was performed in a duet with her mentor. The outstanding talent of this young start was hard not to be noticed. The judges announced her to be the winner of the show’s second season.

  • She has recently taken part in the show “Dance With Me” during that she also had a chance to show her talent as a dancer. She performed together with Labi. He’s an Albanian journalist whose program “Një kafe me Labin” (translates as “A cup of coffee with Labi”) became very popular.

    In 2014, she continued to promote herself as a singer. Her debut single entitled “Aeroplan” (that also has a video clip) was presented to the public on the 26th of February. It had a great success and soon was broadcasted on all the radio stations in Albania. Only 12 hours after it was made available on the Internet, the video clip was viewed 2 million times. The single was included in the list of top hits in the music charts of Albania.

    Her 2nd single turned out to be no less successful and popular. “Business Class” single was viewed by as many as 1 million users only within the first 9 hours of its “online” life.

    The 3d single Arilena presented to the public was entitled “Vegim”. This song is dedicated to the singer’s father who died not long before she took part in the Albanian X Factor show.

    Arilena still has a lot way to go and many things to do in her career as a musician.

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