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Megan Three Stallion

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  • Megan Thee Stallion is a bright and flamboyant American rap star. This performer is not afraid of bold experiments in creativity, she is ready to talk with listeners on the most frank topics. There are no prohibitions for the singer - in many ways the artist acts as a revolutionary. For example, the vocalist signed a contract with the record production company 300 Entertainment and became the first woman on this label to rap. The celebrity, whose real name is Megan Ruth Peet, was born on February 15, 1995 in Texas. The girl was brought up by her mother Holly Thomas, who performed as a singer under the pseudonym "Holly Wood". Instead of going to a regular kindergarten, the child often went with the woman to the recording studio. Who is Megan's father, the artist's biography is silent.

    From an early age, the future performer was fond of music, rap became the favorite genre for a teenager. At 16, the girl began to compose her own tracks. The mother, having learned about her daughter's melodic addictions, demanded that the schoolgirl first receive a decent education, and then engage in creativity. At the same time, Holly noted that the lyrics written by the young singer were too serious for a teenage author. Pete graduated from Pearland High School in 2013. The personal life of the artist interests the press and fans. However, the performer prefers to keep the secrets of her heart to herself. Megan's marital status is unknown. Now on Instagram, the girl does not post photos with her lovers. While still at university, the dark-skinned artist shot the first video. The video immediately went viral and appeared on social media. The young American had a whole army of fans who were delighted with the bright performer. At the same time, the singer's creative pseudonym appeared, in which the word Stallion can be translated into Russian as "stallion".


  • Megan admitted in an interview that she was called that in her teens because of her tall stature. In 2016, Rich Ratchet's debut mixtape was born, which revealed the potential of the vocalist. A year later, the first EP called Make It Hot was released. A hot video was shot for the song Last Week in HTX, which was included in the album, and it received millions of views on the YouTube platform. Megan Thee Stallion actively includes in her songs not only acute social themes, but also profanity, which gives the artist's hits a spice. Megan herself appears before fans in the form of a bad girl who can put anyone in their place. In the same year, fans were able to appreciate the new composition Stalli (Freestyle), which became a remix of the hit Look At Me! rapper XXXTentacion.

    The singer's musical career developed rapidly. At the beginning of 2018, the girl signed a contract with the label 1501 Certified Entertainment, owned by former baseball player Carl Crawford. In the summer of the same year, the dark-skinned beauty released an EP, which included 10 tracks. In this album, the performer appeared under a second pseudonym - Tina Snow. Megan explained that Tina Snow is her alter ego, reflecting previously hidden sides of her personality. Music critics praised the new disc, noting that in terms of the force of impact, in terms of "pressure", power and rigidity of the lyrics, the girls are not inferior to the compositions performed by male rappers. In May 2019, the vocalist released the second Fever mixtape. 

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