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  • Lourdiz, born Lourdes Ariadna Salgado, is an American singer-songwriter and multi-talented artist known for her captivating vocals, infectious melodies, and empowering lyrics. Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Lourdiz has quickly made a name for herself in the music industry with her distinctive sound and undeniable talent. Born into a musical family, Lourdiz was exposed to a wide range of music genres from a young age, fostering her passion for singing and songwriting. Drawing inspiration from artists like Beyonc√©, Alicia Keys, and Amy Winehouse, she began honing her craft and developing her own unique style that blends elements of pop, R&B, and soul. Lourdiz's journey to success began with her early forays into the music industry, collaborating with various artists and producers while establishing herself as a sought-after songwriter. Her talent for crafting infectious hooks and heartfelt lyrics quickly caught the attention of industry insiders, leading to collaborations with notable artists and placements on major projects. In 2018, Lourdiz stepped into the spotlight as a solo artist with the release of her debut single, "I'm Pissed." The song's empowering message and infectious energy resonated with listeners, earning her widespread acclaim and paving the way for her burgeoning career.Following the success of "I'm Pissed," Lourdiz continued to release a series of acclaimed singles, including "Somersault," "Suicide Down," and "Sabotage." Each track showcased her dynamic vocal range, emotive delivery, and knack for crafting catchy melodies that linger in the listener's mind. In addition to her solo work, Lourdiz is also known for her collaborations with other artists across various genres. Her versatility and adaptability have allowed her to explore different musical styles while staying true to her artistic vision.Lourdiz's impact extends beyond her music. She is known for her advocacy work and commitment to using her platform to uplift and inspire others. Through her music and activism, she seeks to empower listeners to embrace their individuality, overcome obstacles, and pursue their dreams. As she continues to evolve as an artist, Lourdiz remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of her music and connecting with audiences on a deeper level. With her undeniable talent, infectious charisma, and unwavering determination, she is poised to leave a lasting impact on the music industry and beyond.

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