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New Found Glory

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  • New Found Glory is a pop-punk band from the United States, South Florida, formed in 1997. They played on the Vans Warped Tour. They played alongside MxPx, Good Charlotte, Less Than Jake and other pop punk bands, and the audience was extremely welcoming everywhere. Their minivan must have traveled too many kilometers. And despite being signed to the major label MCA, New Found Glory is a punk band more than some truepunxnotdead bands. Over the past few years, the lives of the New Found Glory members have run parallel to those of their fans. Together they grew up, fell in love and parted, left school and their home in order to experience the real world. And although the group has achieved tangible success and gained almost worldwide fame, NFG is still easily accessible for contact with any of their fans.

    Back in 1997, Ian Grushka challenged his friends to create a rock band. Ian picked up a bass guitar, a certain Bernie was the vocalist / guitarist, and Billy played the drums. Later Jordan Pundik became the vocalist, and a little later Ian and Jordan remained in the group together. Duets, of course, also have the right to play music. But, having estimated that together they would not go far, the guys decided to find a couple of three more musicians.  The announcement in the local Florida newspaper "From Hands To Hands" was responded to by some suspicious individuals, namely: Stephen Klein, who played in Jordan's previous band on the guitar, Chad Gilbert, who used to torment the strings in the well-known hardcore band Shai Hulud, and Cyrus Bolooki is a big fan of Christina Aguilera and drumming. After a short rehearsal, the newly minted group went to Ridenour Studios, where they recorded either a single or an album, but more simply the EP "It's All About The Girls". The record was released in December 98 and caused quite a stir (locally, of course). The group was given a little gingerbread in the form of the Slammie - an award as the best new group in South Florida. At one time, the same honor was given to Merlin Manson.

  • In April 1999, the first full-length album "Nothing Gold Can Stay" was released. The album was originally released via Eulogy Records. However, it turned out to be so interesting and popular that many labels began to make unambiguous offers to NFG. On one of them the guys said "YES". In October of the same year, the album was reissued with a new artwork and a new copyright holder and other bullshit - Drive-Thru Records. The group embarked on a concert tour with fellow artists Saves The Day and Piebald. The shows were held with constant success and sold out. Once, when the police banned more than 300 people from entering the club for security reasons, NFG played 2 concerts in a row, so that everyone who had bought tickets could see them. In 2000, the guys released a disc on which they covered famous hits from movies, such as I Don't Want To Miss A Thing from movie Armageddon (and the letter "x" here means not artistic at all), or the most re-covered song of no less x / film Titanic My Heart Will Go On. In the same year, Drive-Thru and MCA Records joined forces to release "New Found Glory". In a sense, the album was called that. So called self-titled. The album was recorded with producer Neal Avron (before that the band produced the records themselves). The album brought two hit singles, "Dressed To Kill" and "Hit Or Miss", both hits on radio and MTV. The first five thousand copies of the album are complemented by a bonus disc with an additional song "So Many Ways". The band continued to travel with concerts in support of the album, once again appeared on the Warped Tour stage - this time as one of the headliners.


  • On June 11, 2002, NFG's long-awaited new album "Sticks And Stones" was released. It seems that the same musicians, the same label and even the producer have not changed. What was the difference between the new album and the previous one? Well, at least with texts that have clearly become more mature. "On our last record, all the songs were about girls. We are the best at writing songs about girls." Says guitarist Steve Klein. "But on this album we tried to go in a slightly different direction. There is a song, for example, about Jordan's grandfather who left this world, songs about how we left our hometown, and so on. But overall, we tried to keep the mood of the album the same as the melodies. " "Sticks And Stones" turned out to be more varied in sound. Friends of the musicians were invited to record the album, including musicians from the groups H2O, Alkaline Trio and Blink-182. Where the group's next stop will be, only the driver of their minivan knows. But wherever they stop, wherever they perform, the audience will accept them as their own, because they really are their guys. Book a celebrity online on our platform! Fill in the application form and enjoy the concert of your favorite band!

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