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Linda Jo Rizzo

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  • Linda Jorizzo - Born and raised in New York City, Linda Jo Rizzo came to Germany in the 80’s while on tour with her former girl group, “The Flirts”. Their hit, “Passion” placed #4 in Germany’s Hitparade. top ten in other European and Asian countries. Producer Bobby Orlando (Pet Shop Boys, Divine) went on to produce further
    hits for Linda and “The Flirts” such as “Danger, Helpless #12 Billboard USA, and Calling All Boys”. In 1985 Linda leaves the group „The Flirts“, to persue a solo career. Produced by “Fancy”, a famous 80’s star himself, Linda enters the dance charts with songs such as, “You’re My First, You’re My Last” (#2 Hong
    Kong), “Heartflash”, “Perfect Love” and “Fly Me High” (#6 Germany). These songs are featured on many successful “Italo Boot Mixes”.
    Linda’s “Passion” for the stage, her charisma, and interaction with her audiences, combined with her NewYork-Italien-American temperament, earns her great success with her fans all over the world. She is known for her entertainment and is referred to by her audiences and fans as the “Power Lady”.


    2013: Worldwide album release, „Day of the Light“ (ZYX). Duett production and video clip release of “Out of the Shadows” with US artist TQ, produced by Ian Nguyen, USA, (ZYX). Special Mega-Maxi-Mix Album „Flirts feat. Linda Jo Rizzo, ”Passion of Disco” in honor of the 30th anniversary of “The Flirts” with new productions of Linda’s earlier Flirts hits and more.

  • 2014: Worldwide release and video clip, „Stronger Together“, featuring „Fancy“. (ZYX)
    2015: US album release, “Fly Me High”, by Space Sound Records (ZYX). US single release of “Life Is a
    Story” featuring TQ, production & video by Ian Nguyen (ZYX).
    2016: “Only One Night” vinyl maxi release, AMD Records, NYC.
    2017: Release of “Day of the Light Re-Loaded”, produced by Johann Perrier (MRP, France). Maxi vinyl,
    “I Want You Tonight”, duet with Tom Hooker, Produced by Miki Chierigato, (AMD Records, NYC).
    2018: Digital release “We Are Europe” by “Friends of Europe” feat. Linda Jo Rizzo (ZYX). Digital release,
    “Take Me”, by Del Faro (Clip Music). “Just An Illusion”, vinyl release from Victor Ark (AMD, NYC.).
    2019: Double CD release “Greatest Hits & Remixes” (ZYX). Vinyl release, “Mr. Policeman / Calling All
    Boys” by Andy Emme (NDM, Italy). Single & video release, “A Different Kind of Magic”, in Duet with Ken
    Laszlo produced by Ian Nguyen (ZYX) Digital release, “Let’s Go to Oktoberfest” (ZYX)
    2020: “Dance in the Moonlight” produced by Mino Siciliano (Clip Music). “Last 2 Girls on the Dancefloor”,
    duet with Mika Ella. “On the Floor (in Mexico), FAB4-Linda Jo Rizzo, Vanelle, Cynthia Johnson (Funky
    Town), Cristiene Hall (ERSA, Canada). “Just Stay”, CLM Productions USA. “Helpless”, Marc Reason
    feat.Linda Jo Rizzo (Tokabeatz). “You’re My First, You’re My Last”, DJ Tommy M feat. Linda Jo Rizzo
    (ZYX), “The Mass Is Full” (ZYX), “Magic Moments 35th Anniversary Album” (ZYX)

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