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  • Gazebo is a famous Italian singer, who was born on 18 February 1960. His real name is Paul Mazzolini. The boy’s family traveled all over the world so he got to know different cultures. Paul’s dad was an Italian diplomat and knew eight languages. He taught Paul five of them. The celebrity’s mom was a singer. She introduced Mazzolini to music.

    In 1975, the family returned to Italy. Three years later Paul graduated from high school. Soon after that, he moved to London and created several bands. In 1981, he came back to Rome and met Paolo Miccioni, a famous DJ. The latter released Gazebo’s single “Masterpiece” on vinyl. Later, it became a huge dance hit in Europe and Asia.

    In 1983, Mazzolini signed a contract with Baby Records to release his debut LP, Gazebo. It featured the hit-to-be “I Like Chopin”. The single topped Italian, French, German, Danish, Swiss, Austrian, Spanish, Canadian, and many other charts. In Switzerland, it topped the charts for 18 weeks. The song became Gazebo’s calling card and sold 8 million copies worldwide. Many fans wanted to book Gazebo for private events.

    The singer’s second LP, Telephone Mama, came out in 1984. The style was drastically different from the previous album. However, it didn’t stop the LP from becoming very popular. In 1985, Paul went to serve in the military. During his time there, the singer decided to devote his life to music entirely.

  • When he came back, Gazebo bought a recording studio and founded a label, Lunatic S.r.l. He used it to record his own projects and acted as a producer for other artists. Gazebo’s first self-produced album came out in 1986. He called it Univision. Two years later, he presented Rainbow Tales. That album showed Paul’s desire to return to progressive pop music.

    The next LP, Sweet Life, appeared in 1989. Gazebo didn’t just sing the songs, featured in the album. He acted as a composer, author, producer, and a sound engineer. The track list featured a hit single “Dolce Vita” with a unique arrangement. A year later, the artist founded a new company, Cresus Enterprises S.n.c. in order to grow and develop Lunatic S.r.l., and to continue producing his own songs in Italy.

    In 1991, Gazebo presented a new album, Scenes From The News Broadcast, released with the assistance of Lunatic Records and promoted in Italy by BMG Ariola. Both fans and critics gave the album excellent reviews. Together with an old friend, Gustavo Romagno, Paul formed a band called The Tycoons. The band released a successful LP, First.

    At the beginning of the 1990s, Paul helped Dino Cappa record the album, Summit and acted as a producer for Kammerton’s A Choir in Heaven. Several years later, Gazebo presented his own album, Portrait, which featured hits from previous albums, recorded anew and reprocessed at a new studio.

    Soon the singer created a new album, which became Gazebo’s favorite. The LP, Projekt Jon, was a result of a close collaboration of The Tirana Polyphonic Group and Ardit Gjebrea.

    At the beginning of the 2000s, Mazzolini worked on a new album based on the materials he had collected in the years after the release of Scenes From The News Broadcast in 1991. At the same time, Paul participated in numerous music projects as a producer, songwriter, and arranger.

    Before the release of the new LP in January 2008, Gazebo presented a compilation disc, Ladies! The Art Of Remixag, which consisted mostly of remixes. The LP, The Syndrone, came out in September.

    Mazzolini has been performing all over the world since the beginning of his career. In the fall of 2013, the artist presented a new album, I Like ... Live!,, which featured recordings from his latest live concerts.

    The new LP, Reset, came out in 2015. Next year Paul presented Wet Wings. In 2018, he released the latest album to date, Italo By Numbers.

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