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Secret Service

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  • Secret Service is a Swedish pop band, which was at the peak of its popularity in the early 1980’s. They released 8 albums and 20 singles. Since the popularity of pop music started to wane in the mid 1980’s, the band stopped making the charts.

    In 1979, Ola Hakansson, who used to sing for Ola and Janglers, joined Tim Norell and Ulf Wahlberg to record a few songs for a Swedish music festival. They called themselves Ola+3. The band didn’t win but was so inspired by the work that decided to stay together a while longer under the name of Secret Service. Some time later, the trio was joined by Tony Lindberg, Leif Paulsen, and Leif Johansson.

    The band’s first single “Oh Susie” (1979) was a hit in Sweden. It got into the top-10 in the European charts, including #9 in Germany and #6 in Norway. Later the same year, the group released album Oh Susie, which included another one of their hits “Ten O’Clock Postman”. The single went golden in Scandinavia.

    Their second album Ye Si Ca (1980) wasn’t as popular as the predecessor, even though the dance-pop style stayed the same. The album included such hits as "Ye Si Ca" and "L.A.Goodbye", which got to the high spots of the German charts. The band went on a one-year break and in 1984 released their third album Cutting Corners (1982), which became one of their most popular records thanks to some songs recorded in electropop style. The album included Secret Service’s most popular hit “Flash in the Night”, which topped the European charts.

    By the mid 1980’s, Norell and Hakansson started writing and producing songs for other groups. They recorded a single with ABBA’s ex-vocalist Agnetha Faltskog. The single “The Way You Are” became golden in Sweden.

    In 1987, Secret Serviced recorded their last album Aux Deux Magots. Since then, the group released two compilation albums. Norell and Hakansson continue to produce songs for various music groups. Secret Service finished their career in 1987.

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