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The Buggles

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  • An internationally known duet from Great Britain called The Buggles started its career in 1977. The Buggles consisted of two musicians - a guitarist Trevor Horn and a keyboard player Geoffrey Downes. 

     The musicians chose early on the name of the band and they wanted to call the band "The Bugs", but somebody told them it was close to the name "The Beatles", claiming they would never be like this legendary band. So, Horn and Downes decided to choose The Buggles.
    The Buggles used such styles as progressive pop, synth pop, art pop and new wave. 
     The Buggles' gained favour of critics with their first album. The name of it was "The Age of plastic" and it included several tracks "Clean Clean", "Elstree", "Living in: Plastic Age" and "Video killed the Radio Star". The last one was the most popular. With "Video killed the Radio Star" the duet rose to international fame almost overnight. The track reached stratospheric level, holding the highest positions on different European top charts. The Buggles launched their debut album in 1980. 
    The Buggles also had cooperation with the group called Yes at the same year. They even released several mutual tracks. Their collaboration was short - about one year. 
    In 1981 the Buggles launched their album number two - "Adventures in modern recording", which was their last work - then the duet disbanded. 
    In 1998 Trevor Horn and Geoffrey Downes made a decision to reunite to have occasional performances at different stages. It was not a re union of the Buggles, it was just their desire to make shows.
    The musicians never toured , because they called themselves "a studio creation", that's why that decision was a pleasant surprise for their fans.

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