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Jonas Brothers

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  • The band Jonas Brothers was formed by three brothers, Nick, Joe, and Kevin. The oldest is Kevin. He was born on 5 November 1987. Joe was born on 15 August 1989, and Nick on 16 September 1992. The band started out as a solo Christian music project by six-year-old Nick. He recorded songs and appeared on Broadway. In 2001, Nick recorded a single "Joy To The World (A Christmas Prayer)”, which appeared on the Christian Radio thanks to the label, INO Records. The song quickly became popular and brought Nick an offer from Columbia Records. With the label’s assistance, the young artist recorded a new single “Dear God”. The debut LP was due to appear soon after the release of the song. But it was delayed. Eventually, it came out in 2004 and got the name, Nicholas Jonas. In 2005, the new executive director of Columbia Records heard Nick’s debut album and invited him to audition. Nick came with his two brothers and sang, “Please Be Mine”. They did such a good job that got an offer immediately. Initially, the young artists called the band Sons Of Jonas but later changed the name to Jonas Brothers. The same year, brothers headlined tours of such celebrities as George Michael, The Click Five, and Backstreet Boys. Then they performed with The Cheetah Girls and Aly & AJ. To record the debut LP, It’s About Time, Jonas Brothers worked with famous producers. The album was expected to be released in February 2006, but it was delayed several times.

    Finally, It’s About Time, came out in August 2006. The label released a limited number of copies. However, Columbia didn’t seem to be interested in promoting the album so the band canceled the contract in 2007. Soon after that, brothers started working with Hollywood Records. The second LP came out in 2007. Musicians called it Jonas Brothers. The album immediately made it into top-5 of Billboard 200. Its leading track was “SOS”. The song appeared on the charts in Canada, Australia, Italy, the USA, and many other countries. Musicians became popular beyond American borders. Many organizers tried to book Jonas Brothers for private events. The third album, A Little Bit Longer, became much more popular than the band’s previous work. It topped Billboard 200 and featured such hits as "Tonight", "Burnin' Up", and "Lovebug". The Rolling Stone magazine put the album on the 40th spot of its 50 best albums in 2008 list.

  • The single "Video Girl” made it into the top-100 best song list compiled by the same magazine. A year later, Jonas Brothers presented the fourth LP, Lines, Vines, and Trying Times. Again, the album easily topped Billboard 200. It sold almost 250,000 copies in just one week. The band’s popularity was growing thanks to its high-quality music and music videos. The brothers also starred in the TV series, Jonas, which was aired on the Disney Channel. In May 2012, Jonas Brothers canceled the contract with Hollywood Records and announced a hiatus.

    After a short break, in 2013, the group embarked on a promotional tour of Latin and South America. In April, they presented a new single “Pom Poms”, which was different from the other songs recorded by the band. The song topped Latin American iTunes Chart and became popular in other countries as well. The new single appeared in June. It was “First Time”. The song quickly became a hit. After a short time, the brothers announced a new album called V, but it never came out. In the fall of 2013, musicians suddenly announced disbanding. After a six-year break, in March 2019, Jonas Brothers reunited and recorded a new track “Sucker”. A music video for the song featured their wives. The artist announced a new album, which came out in June 2019. Happiness Begins immediately topped Billboard 200.

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