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Paula Cole

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  • Paula Cole was born on April 5, 1968, in Massachusetts. She is a singer and a songwriter. Cole holds several awards, including 4 Boston Music Awards. She is particularly famous for such songs as “Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?”, “I Don’t Want to Wait”, and “Me”. Paula Cole was born in a family of artists. Her mother was a painter and her father was an amateur musician. Paula’s house was always full of music. Paula listened to all types instrumental improvisations even when riding in her parents’ car. Ever since she was a kid, Paula was thinking about a music career. She learned how to play many musical instruments, including non-popular ones, such as a fistula, clarinet, and parlor organ. Her main instrument was the piano. Even though Paula spent most of her free time playing and listening to music, she was a very responsible student. Cole was an active member of the high school community, attended drama classes, and was part of a French club, where she studied the language and the culture.

    Since Paula was far from being an ordinary artist, she had a tough time finding the right recording studio. As a result, her debut album was released twice. In 1994, it was released with Imago Records under the name Harbinger. However, the studio didn’t have sufficient funds for proper promotion and in some time they shut down. But Paula got lucky and signed a contract with Warner Brothers Records in 1995. She released her 1st album under the name Fall. The album wasn’t a big hit selling only about 150,000 copies in the USA. In 1996, Cole released her second album Fire, which she produced on her own. The two singles from that album, “Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?” and “I Don’t Want to Wait” became huge hits, entering a variety of charts. The third single “Me” was slightly less popular. In 1997, this album brought Cole several Grammy nominations. She was the second woman in history to be nominated for a Grammy as Producer of the Year. After giving birth to a daughter, Paula left show business for several years and came back in 2007. Back then, she released the LP Courage, which was her last album to date to get into the chats (163rd spot on Billboard 200). Cole continues to work on her music and performs live. Paula Cole is a great choice for your event! Book a singer on our website online!

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