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Gabriel Rios

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  • Gabriel Rios was born on 25August 1978 in Puerto Rico. The singer loved music since childhood. He learned the chords by playing an old accordion without anyone’s help even though his brothers and father knew how to play musical instruments.

    When Rios turned 17, he moved to Belgium. He rented an apartment in Ghent and started studying art. Soon the young man realized that he is ready to devote his life to music. He founded a band The Nothing Bastards. Later he formed another group L. Santo.

    In 2004, Rios met a famous producer Jo Bogaert, who helped the singer record his debut studio album Ghostboy. The LP made it to the sixth spot on the Belgian chart and reached the 24th place on the Netherlands chart.

    In 2007, Gabriel with the help of Bogaert released another studio album Angelhead. The LP reached the 2nd spot on the Belgian chart and climbed the 34th place on the Netherlands chart. The album included a lot of electronic music, which helped Rios conquer the hearts of live music fans.

    The same year, the singer received a European Border Breakers Award, which is annually handed out to 10 young musicians, whose albums were recognized internationally. The artist became very popular in Belgium and other European countries. It was becoming almost impossible to book Gabriel Rios.

    In 2010, Rios released his third studio album The Dangerous Return. While recording the LP, Rios didn’t use any electronic music. He worked with a jazz pianist Jef Neve and a percussionist Kobe Proesmans.

    In 2014, Gabriel released a new album This Marauders Midnight. When recording the LP, the singer played his acoustic guitar. The LP topped the Belgium chart. The leading single “Gold”, which came out in 2013 became a hit in Belgium, Netherlands, and even Norway, where the song topped the charts for several weeks in a row.

    Rios is currently working on new songs and performs live.

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