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  • Argy, also known as Argyris Theofilis, is a Greek DJ and producer who has made a name for himself in the underground dance music scene. Born in Rhodes in 1985, Argy grew up with a passion for music and started DJing at a young age. He quickly became a fixture in the local club scene, and in 2005 he moved to London to pursue his dream of making it as a professional DJ.

    In London, Argy quickly made a name for himself as a talented and versatile DJ, and he began to attract attention from some of the city's top club promoters. He played at some of the most prestigious venues in the city, including Fabric, The End, and Ministry of Sound, and he also began to produce his own music.

    Argy's early productions were influenced by a variety of genres, including techno, house, and disco, and he quickly developed a reputation for his unique sound. In 2007, he signed to the acclaimed Berlin-based label Poker Flat Recordings, and his debut release, "Love Dose," became an instant classic.

    Since then, Argy has continued to release music on some of the biggest labels in dance music, including Cocoon, Defected, and Crosstown Rebels. He has also collaborated with some of the most respected producers in the industry, including Seth Troxler, Tom Trago, and DJ Skull.

    In addition to his work in the studio, Argy is also an accomplished DJ and live performer. He has played at some of the biggest clubs and festivals around the world, including Berghain, Fabric, and Sonar, and he is known for his high-energy sets that blend together a wide range of genres and styles.

    Despite his success, Argy remains true to his roots, and he continues to push the boundaries of dance music with his innovative productions and performances. Whether he's in the studio or behind the decks, Argy is a true artist who is dedicated to pushing dance music forward and inspiring the next generation of DJs and producers.

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