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  • Blond:ish - A Journey of Vibrant Melodies and Sustainable Vibes

    Blond:ish, the dynamic DJ duo comprised of Vivie-Ann Bakos and Anstascia D'Elene Corniere, has become renowned for their vibrant and eclectic sound that blends various genres with an underlying ethos of sustainability. With a passion for music and a commitment to environmental consciousness, Blond:ish has taken the electronic music scene by storm.

    Vivie-Ann and Anstascia hail from different corners of the world, with Vivie-Ann born in Canada and Anstascia in the United States. Their paths converged in Ibiza, the mecca of electronic music, where they connected over their shared love for music and a desire to bring positive change to the world. Inspired by the island's pulsating energy, they embarked on their musical journey as Blond:ish.

    Blond:ish's sound is an enchanting blend of deep house, techno, and melodic rhythms. Their sets are carefully curated experiences that transport listeners to a world of ethereal melodies and infectious beats. Known for their ability to create immersive and transformative atmospheres, Blond:ish captivates audiences with their meticulous track selection and seamless mixing skills.

    Beyond their exceptional DJ performances, Blond:ish has also made significant contributions to sustainability within the music industry. As avid advocates for environmental consciousness, they founded the "Bye Bye Plastic" initiative, aimed at reducing single-use plastics in the music scene. Through their campaign, they have successfully encouraged festivals and venues to adopt more sustainable practices, minimizing their ecological footprint.

  • Blond:ish's commitment to sustainability extends beyond their activism. They have embraced the power of music to inspire change by curating and hosting "A BROND:ISH ODYSSEY," a series of boat parties featuring eco-conscious principles and performances by like-minded artists. These events serve as platforms to raise awareness and promote a more sustainable lifestyle within the electronic music community.

    Their studio productions have also garnered critical acclaim. Tracks like "Wunderkammer" and "Wizard of Love" showcase their ability to infuse their music with soulful melodies and captivating vocals, creating sonic experiences that resonate deeply with listeners. Their innovative approach to production and sound design has solidified their position as tastemakers within the industry.

    Blond:ish's impact extends far beyond their music. Their passion for sustainability and dedication to making a difference have inspired artists and fans alike to embrace more eco-friendly practices. Through their artistry and activism, they have demonstrated that music can be a powerful vehicle for positive change.

    As Blond:ish continues their musical journey, their influence and impact will undoubtedly continue to grow. With their uplifting soundscapes, commitment to sustainability, and ability to create transformative experiences, Blond:ish remains at the forefront of the electronic music scene. Their vibrant melodies and sustainable vibes remind us all of the potential for music to unite, inspire, and make the world a better place.

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