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  • Mamamoo – South Korean k-pop, jazz, retro, and R&B band The lineup of Mamamoo includes four young women, Solar, Wheein, Moonbyul, and Hwasa. The creation initiative and the funding of the girl band belongs to the Seoul company RBW (ex -WA Entertainment). Since January 2014 and until its official debut in June, the group assisted other musicians to record different tracks. Together with Bumkey, the musicians released a single "Don't Be Happy" in January 2014. A month later, they collaborated with K. Will to present "Peppermint Chocolate". The single climbed to the 11th spot of South Korea Gaon Digital Chart. In May 2014, together with a rap duo Geeks, the band recorded a new single, "HeeHeeHaHeHo". In June 2014, the musicians debuted with the single “Mr. Ambigous”, which became a part of their first EP, Hello. To promote the track, the band recorded a music video, which featured the work of such popular artists as Baek Ji-young, Jonghyun, Bumkey, Wheesung, Jung Joon-young, and K.Will. Besides the single, the EP featured such songs as "Heeheehaheho", "I Do Me", "Baton Touch", "Peppermint Chocolate", and "Don't Be Happy". The album climbed to the 16th position of South Korea Gaon Albums Chart, which was an excellent result for a young group. At that time, many organizers tried to book Mamamoo for private events.

  • In November 2014, the new EP, Piano Man, came out. It reached the 8th spot of South Korea Gaon Albums Chart. Singles "Gentleman", "Love Lane", and "Piano Man" became hits.In 2015, together with eSNa, the band recorded a single “Ahh Oop!”. In June, the artists presented the third EP, Pink Funky. The single "Um Oh Ah Yeh” featured in the album came in third on the national chart. It sold more than a million copies. The EP itself climbed to the 6th spot of South Korea Gaon Albums Chart. In February 2016, the group officially released its first LP, Melting. The album was recorded with the assistance of Rainbow Bridge World. It came in second on South Korea Gaon Albums Chart and reached the 8th position of Billboard’s Albums Chart. The single “You’re The Best”, featured in the LP, was nominated for Song of The Year at 2016 Gaon Chart Music Awards and for Digital Bonsang at Golden Disc Awards. The LP also included two more hits, “I Miss You” and “Taller Than You”, which reached high spots on the charts. In November 2016, the artists recorded a new EP, Memory. The album reached the third spot of South Korea Gaon Albums Chart and came in 12th on Billboard’s World Albums Chart. The featured singles "NEW YORK" and "Décalcomanie" climbed to the 9th and 12th positions of the national chart accordingly.The next EP, Purple, came out in June 2017. The album settled on the 2nd spot of South Korea Gaon Albums Chart and became the group’s first EP to top Billboard’s World Albums Chart. In South Korea, the album sold over 55,000 copies. The single “Yes I Am” became a hit in South Korea and the USA. The year 2018 was busy for the group. In March, July, and November, they recorded EPs Yellow Flower, Red Moon, and Blue’s accordingly. The 1st EP was the most successful one of the three. It topped the national chart and came in 7th on Billboard’s World Albums Chart. The album also earned gold status. The second one appeared on the 3rd and 5th positions of the above-mentioned charts. The third EP came in 7th on South Korea Gaon Albums Chart. It sold 40,000 copies. The single “Wind Flower”, featured in the last EP, became a hit. In 2018, the group filmed more than a dozen music videos for their singles. The videos are collecting thousands of views on YouTube. 

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