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Manish Vyas

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  • Manish Vyas was born in Gujarat, India and has been learning and teaching music since 25 years, which he learnt through the years with different maestros in India. Initially, as a kid, he learnt Tabla with Zinda Hussein at his childhood and his first concert happened when he was just 12 years old in Rajkot. At the same time, he was learning Harmonium in the company of local expert musicians. At the age of 20, having moved to Pune to pursue his musical career, Manish continued learning Tabla with Ustad Allarakha, where he continued for many years, while he was in charge of the musical department at Osho Ashram in Pune at its glorious times, organizing and performing concerts. During this time, he also learnt to play Santoor and Keyboard. Manish met Jagjit Singh and played with him in a big performance presented at the Osho Samadhi. This maestro of ghazals, classic and devotional music was a big influence in Manishs' musical life - and still is.

    ​He is composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist and teacher (Tabla, Santoor, Harmonium, Swarmandal, Keyboard and other  percussion from India.) Along his lifetime musical path, he has composed hundreds of songs, mainly in the devotional, mystical, folk, instrumental and Sufi genres. He has released 20 albums  until the present, of original music and has also contributed to dozens of other musicians with his compositions, voice and instruments. Almost eight hours of his music are also available in the popular meditation App, SilenceFinder available worldwide .His gatherings, retreats and concerts offer the perfect blend of Indian genuine sounds merged with a touch of fusion, which makes his music so accessible and appreciated by all type of listeners in the search of authentic Indian sounds.

  • When we talk about fusion in Indian music, it refers to the incorporation of contemporary elements, but the quality and essence of Indian music remains untouched.  ​His music styles or genres offer a wide range of sounds: Ghazal, Sufi, devotional, Mantra, Kirtan, instrumental, dancing, Folk, Classical... always keeping a seal of authenticity and quality, merging it with a touch of fusion, sealing his contemporary touch. Manish moved to Switzerland in 2017 when he got married (his wife Sā was born in Argentina, from a Swiss family and that is how they live in Switzerland since she moved back.) She is asana instructor, certified in India, thus contributes with part during the retreats he conducts. During his twenties and thirties, Manish used to tour constantly around the world, but since some years ago he has decided to mainly travel within Europe and India, to share his versatile music in selected events and venues, as well as teaching. An interesting information is that Manish is also a certified asana teacher - although he focuses his practice mainly in Surya Kriya, Pranayam, Dhyan and of course, Naad Yoga. He also conducts retreats of meditation and music every year in Switzerland at least twice a year, in the beauty of the Swiss Alps, perfect atmosphere for meditation, sacred music and silence.

     Carrying Indian music in his heart, one of his missions is to maintain the roots of Indian music, in a world where the Indian devotional genre has gotten spread globally, and more than often has not kept its genuine essence in the west. That is also one of the reasons he is teaching and giving workshops - to make people interested in this genre aware of the elements needed when doing music from India - in any of its styles. He is currently producing and filming  a documentary film about sacred music from India, Mantra and science of Sound as discovered by the ancient Rishis in India - explaining and transmitting the truth about this tradition and how it is used (which little has to do with ‘mantra-concerts’.) Important is people know what is what when it comes to sound, Indian music and mantra; and what can work and what does not - that is why my seal is authenticity.

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