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Deborah De Luca

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  • Deborah De Luca is an Italian DJ and producer who has made a big impact on the techno scene over the past decade. Born in Naples, Italy in 1980, Deborah first discovered electronic music when she was just a teenager. She was immediately drawn to the hypnotic beats of techno, and began to delve deeper into the genre as a young adult.

    Deborah first made a name for herself in Naples' underground club scene, where she honed her skills as a DJ and learned to read a crowd. Her sets were energetic and intense, blending dark, driving techno with elements of acid, trance, and other electronic genres.

    As her reputation grew, Deborah began to play at larger events and festivals across Italy and around the world. She quickly gained a following for her dynamic stage presence, fierce DJ skills, and passionate approach to techno.

    In 2013, Deborah released her first single, "Guitar", on the Italian label Sola_mente Records. This was followed by a string of successful singles and EPs on various labels, including Form, Suara, and Solamente. Her tracks became popular among DJs and fans alike, and she was soon regarded as one of the most exciting new producers in techno.

    In addition to her work as a DJ and producer, Deborah is also a talented fashion designer. She launched her own clothing line in 2016, called DDL Clothing, which features bold, edgy designs inspired by her love of techno.

    Today, Deborah continues to tour the world, playing at some of the biggest festivals and clubs in the techno scene. She has won a legion of fans with her intense DJ sets and powerful tracks, as well as her fearless attitude and commitment to pushing boundaries.

    Overall, Deborah De Luca is an artist who has made a significant impact on techno music. With her raw talent, fierce determination, and unique style, she has become a true icon of the underground scene.

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