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Ricchi e Poveri

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  • This Italian pop music band was established 1967. Since then, they it sold over 20 million records. The name of the band is Italian for “Rich and Poor”. The group released 17 studio albums and 12 compilation albums. Its original members were Franco Gatti, Angela Brambati, Angelo Sotgiu, and Marina Occhiena. The group’s career took off in 1968 in Genoa, where they sang at a music festival Cantagiro. They performed a song called “L’ultimo amore”, which was heavily influenced by the famous band Mamas & Papas. Two years later, the band participated in the Sanremo music festival and sang “La Prima Cosa Bella”. They came in second. In 1971, Ricchi e Poveri took part in a show “Sweet Fruit”. Together with a famous singer Jose Feliciano, the band performed a song written by Sergio Bardotti. Shortly, the group goes on a tour.

    In 1980, the original members of the group recorded their last album “La stagione dell’amore”. Shortly after, Marina left the band. However, the group continued its rise to popularity. In 1981, they recorded a popular song “Sara Perche Ti Amo’, which became popular all over Europe. Their song “Come vorrei” was chosen as intro for a popular Italian TV show Portobello. The same year Ricchi e Poveri released their most famous album “E Penso a Te”. The next year, the group reached the peak of its popularity. They released a single “Mamma Maria”. The song was included in the most sold album in Europe.

    In 1983, the band’s single “Voulez vous Dancer” got an award for becoming the most sold song in Europe. Shortly after, the band gave a concert in Chile. In 1985, they won the Sanremo competition with their song “Se m’innamoro”. The band went on a tour to Australia and then to former USSR. In 1988, the group performed at the Sanremo festival where their song “Nascera ‘Gesu” became a failure. The band’s career started to wane but they kept giving concerts and coming up with new songs. Ricchi e Poveri still performs all over the world. Italian musicians continue to perform and give concerts worldwide. Book a celebrity for your event online on our website!

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