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In Extremo

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  • The band In Extremo was formed in 1995 in Berlin. The group mostly reworks medieval ballads in different languages, including dead ones. In Extremo works with German, Latin, Old French, Old German, and Swedish. While the musicians play modern instruments, they also use flutes, harps, and bagpipes. When the group was just starting out, it mostly played instrumental folk rock, the basis of which was old music and lyrics. In 1998, when they presented the album, Weckt die Toten, the overall approach seemed to have changed. In Extremo’s music featured elements of folk metal with the addition of heavy metal. In 2001, the group presented the LP, Sunder Ohne Zügel, which showed the change of preferences toward industrial metal. However, folk metal with elements of old songs stayed a priority. Many people become fans of In Extremo for its impressive live performances. The musicians make an impression of being medieval artists. To complete their image, they use special costumes, make fire shows, and do everything to create an atmosphere of the old times. Their unforgettable shows and original style help people learn more about different directions of folk music. The band managed to achieve popularity in its native Germany and many other countries. The group’s founder is Miсhael Rhein, whose nickname is translated from German as The Last Unicorn. He is also often called by his short name Micha. Since childhood, he enjoyed learning about medieval culture, architecture, literature, and music.

  • In 1994, Michael and Corvus Corax performed together. They did so well that numerous fans were begging for more concerts. The mixed styles earned popularity so the musicians decided to perform together again. In Extremo’s first single “Ai Vis Lo Lop” came out in 1996. It was recorded by four people. Later two more joined the lineup. After the lineup was finalized, Micha dubbed the band In Extremo. The reason for such a name was that all musicians felt that their extreme nature was the key to their popularity. The acoustic album Golden, came out in 1997. It’s worth noting that it was recorded as a training session. The musicians also presented a single “Der Galgen”. The band became popular after performing at Franzklub, where it was invited by a vocalist from Knorkator. The image of the musicians and the show they put on made a huge impression on the reporters from the German rock and metal music magazine Rock Hard. Later, the band was noticed by a representative of Veilklang label. With the label, the artists released the 2nd album, Hameln. It wasn’t too popular and the artists signed a contract with Stars In The Dark. While working with the new label, the musicians released their third album, Weckt Die Toten!, which became very successful. Many clubs were dreaming to book In Extremo for different events.

    The next album, Die Verruckten Sind In Der Stadt, came out in July 1998. After touring the country to support the LP, the band recorded another album, Verehrt Und Angespien. The lyrics featured in the band’s first four albums are devoted to medieval literature in old languages. All the musicians did was translate and alter them to suit their style. In 2001, the artists presented one more album, Sunder Ohne Zugel.
    While working on new albums, the band actively toured the country and recorded a live album, Live 2002. It came out as CD and DVD. In 2003, the musicians presented a new album, Sieben. Two years later, they recorded Mein Rasend Herz. In 2006, the live album Raue Spree came out. In 2008, the band released a popular single “Frei Zu Sein”. Since 2008, the band recorded eight more albums, the latest one being 40 wahre Lieder – The Best Of (2017). All of them were popular among folk-rock fans in Europe. The artists continue recording new songs and performing live.

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